Improvisation Comedy at Tickle Pit poster imageLong-form Improvisation

Long-form Improvisation uses suggestions in a different way from short-form improvisation, such as theatre sports. In long-form, suggestions are creatively extrapolated and subsequently deconstructed and heightened in front of an audience.

Long-form improvisation workshops at the The Tickle Pit artistically aim to teach improvisational comedy that encourages strong, diverse characters on stage that are explored truthfully through agreement, intelligence, and support.

Classes Offered

Free Introduction Class

Improv can be a valuable tool for everyone, whether you have dreams of joining the cast of Saturday Night Live or just want to have fun and learn a new skill. To show you just how fun and rewarding it can be we’re offering a free intro session!

You need not bring anything to this session bar an open mind! The intro session takes place with others just like you wanting to give it a go, there are no stakes and just a lot of people looking to give it a go like yourself!

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Level 1 – Introduction to long-form improvisation

Whether you’re a seasoned performer looking to expand your skill-set or just someone wanting to give improv a go. Level one requires no previous experience whatsoever and takes you through the fundamentals of long-form improvisation.

Come and learn in a safe fun and supportive environment where your creativity will blossom!

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Level 1 Instructor – Delwyn Johns

Delwyn is an actor who has been improvising for the past 8 years. He has trained, perfomed at taught at The Improv Conspiracy Theatre, where he was on a house Harold team and member of the core ensemble. Delwyn has worked closey with alumni from iO Chicago, UCB and The Second City. Recently, he perfomed with Improv Agasint Humanity during their sell-out Melbourne International Comedy Festival season. You can currently catch him performing bi-weekly shows with The Tickle Pit and Laugh Masters Academy.

Delwyn also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre) and is excited to be in a job position where that is relevant.

Level 2 – Intermediate Improvisation

In order to move on to level two students must first have completed the Level 1 course and passed. L2 is comprised of advanced scene work and group work that focuses on connecting with your scene partner.

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Photo of instructor, Damien VoskLevel 2 Instructor – Damien Vosk

Damien is an actor/improvisor and stand-up comedian who has been improvising for 7 years. He has trained and performed at such reputable improv institutions as iO Chicago, UCB (LA), Westside Comedy Theatre (LA) and Second City and is the creator of “Improv Against Humanity” which has toured Australia-wide.